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High Risk Prenatal Care

Many women have health conditions or factors that surface before or during pregnancy that classify their pregnancy as “high risk”. This can be something as common as having delivered previously by Cesarean section, or something less common such as having a seizure disorder.


The doctors in our practice are trained to provide care for most women with a high risk condition during pregnancy. In some situations, they work along with one of the peri-natologists, a high risk obstetric specialist, who practice at St. Anns or Riverside hospitals. In this situation, you will have the benefit of having two physicians care for you during your pregnancy.

doctor caring for high risk pregancy

There are rare instances that require the transfer of a patient’s care to a peri-natologist, to take over the care of a pregnant patient whose condition is severe or critical. Rest assured that our physicians will not hesitate to consult or refer you for the necessary care dictated by your particular situation.