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Lactation Counselor Services

Alexis Shelley is certified by the ALPP as a Lactation Counselor (CLC). In this role, she provides lactation services to patients in the areas of lactation evaluation, counseling and education. Patients can be seen in the office for evaluation of breastfeeding and developing a plan of care specific to any needs identified. She also provides breastfeeding education for expectant mothers and assesses the needs of women and babies experiencing lactation difficulties.

Lactation problems may include but are not limited to latch difficulty, decreased supply, painful breasts, concerns about milk storage, medications/illness and breastfeeding, returning to work or need for more support. Patients can take advantage of these services by making individual counseling appointments or visiting the monthly Q&A Lactation Meeting (call the office for dates and to let us know you will attend).

mother and her baby after breastfeeding
baby breastfeeding