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Well Woman Exam

Women are encouraged to have an annual well woman exam.

Cervical Cancer Screening

There are a number of different recommendations regarding the frequency of screening pap smears. We will discuss what makes the most sense from a safety point of view based upon your particular circumstances. If you have an abnormal pap smear or positive HPV test, our doctors and nurse practitioners will discuss the appropriate follow up testing, and where necessary, treatment.

Breast Cancer Screening

Women are encouraged to have an annual clinical breast exam. We will review and teach the self-breast exam so that you can take part in monitoring your own health. Annual mammograms are recommended for women ages 40 and older or those at high risk for developing breast cancer. We will arrange for you to have a mammogram performed.

woman after recieving pelvic exam

Annual Pelvic Exam

Women are encouraged to have an annual pelvic exam even if pap and/or HPV testing is not performed. This women’s health exam helps to detect abnormal changes to the uterus and ovaries that might otherwise go undetected.

Osteoporosis Screenings

Women at risk may be referred for bone mineral density tests to screen for osteoporosis. We can also discuss options for treatment. Colon cancer screening: Women at risk may be referred for colonoscopy screenings.

business woman happy with her rountine exam

STD Screening

Women at high risk for STDs are encouraged to be screened annually.


Birth Control Options

We can discuss a variety of birth control methods to determine which is best for you.


General Health Measures

Height, weight, BMI, and blood pressure are assessed at each well woman exam as they play an important role in your overall health.


Everyone’s needs are different. Our doctors and nurse practitioners are ready to discuss problems pertaining to menstrual cycles, menopausal symptoms, concerns regarding anxiety/depression symptoms, bladder control issues, sexual concerns, gynecologic health, as well as questions about fertility. These concerns usually go beyond the scope of the “Well Woman Visit,” but can be brought up at that time to be explored as needed.